Pharaoh Ramses II Facts

Statue of Ramesses II at the Luxor Temple
Statue of Ramesses II at the Luxor Temple

Introduction- Pharaoh Ramses II

Referred to as Ramses the Great, Pharaoh Ramses II (also spelled Ramesses) is regarded as one of the greatest pharaohs of ancient Egypt which he ruled for over sixty six years. During his reign he accomplished great things including the building of great temples, monuments, and cities. He also organized successful military campaigns to secure his empires borders and trade routes. As testament to his greatness is the fact that at almost all the ancient sites discovered of this great civilization are statues of him or at least mention of his name. Below are lists of interesting facts and information written for kids and adults alike about this great pharaoh. This information includes when he ruled Egypt, where you can view his mummy, and why he is considered one of the greatest Pharaohs.

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Interesting Facts about Pharaoh Ramses II

Facts about Pharaoh Ramses II Military Leadership