Ancient Egypt Pharaoh Facts

Statue of Pharaoh Ramesses II standing at the Luxor Temple
Pharaoh Ramesses II at the Luxor Temple

Introduction - Egyptian Pharaohs

At the dawn of civilization Egypt emerged as the dominant power of the ancient world. Their leaders, who we call Pharaohs, were believed to be half-man and half-god. These rulers had great power and wealth as proven by the great tombs filled with gold that were made for them where it was believed they would spend their afterlife. They ruled Egypt for thousands of years. In this section of Ancient Egyptian Facts you will find interesting information and lists of facts about the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Below we have a short description of a few of the more famous pharaohs. This information includes when they ruled and why they were famous. As with all the pages of this site the facts in this section are written for both adults and kids to understand and enjoy.

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General Ancient Egypt Pharaohs Facts

List of Famous Ancient Egypt Pharaohs

There were over three hundred Pharaohs that ruled Egypt over the centuries; the exact number is not known with many of their names being lost to history. Below we have listed just a few of the more famous rulers along with the years that they reigned over Egypt.