Egyptian Goddess Tefnut Facts

Stone carving of Egyptian Goddess Tefnut
Egyptian Goddess Tefnut

Introduction - Tefnut

Ancient Egyptian Myths and legends are full of interesting stories about the Egyptian Gods and goddesses. Tefnut, who was connected to both the moon and the sun, was the goddess of moisture. She often appeared as a human hybrid where she was represented as half human and half animal. When she appeared in this hybrid state, she usually had the head of a lioness and the body of a woman. Mythology says that Atum is the father of Tefnut and Shu, the god of air. The list of facts below will give greater insight into who the goddesses Tefnut is, what legends say about her, and why it was believed that her father's tears turned into the first humans.

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List of Facts about Goddess Tefnut

List of Egyptian Goddess Tefnut's Responsibilities