Egyptian God Thoth Facts

Stone carving depicting Egyptian God Thoth
Egyptian God Thoth

Introduction - Thoth

The Egyptian god Thoth is considered to be one of the most important of the ancient Egyptian gods. He had many roles in Egyptian mythology including maintaining the universe, arbitration of disputes among the other Egyptian gods, and the judgment of those who die. The ancient Egyptians associated this powerful deity with many things including the mind, science, logic, intelligence, knowledge, writing, and reason. The list of facts below provides a short description with information that will help both kids and adults better understand who Thoth was and why he was important to the ancient Egyptians.

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How the Ancient Egyptians Depicted Thoth

Interesting Facts about the Egyptian God Thoth

Thoth's Many Names

The name Thoth is actually the Greek version of this gods named derived from the letters dhwty. This deity had many different names throughout the centuries in which ancient Egypt flourished. These names are listed below: