Ancient Egyptian Food Facts

Food Mural from ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian Food Mural

Introduction - Ancient Egyptian Food

Ancient Egypt was the world's first great civilization. What enabled these ancient people to focus on the great achievements they are now known for, like building the pyramids and other great structures, and creating a written language, was their access to an abundant food supply. The hunter gatherers that came before them had no time for building complex structures or inventing a written language; they were too busy obtaining food in order to survive. The Nile River, upon which this great civilization grew around, provided fertile soil ideal for farming and fishing. When the people who lived around the Nile River learned to farm efficiently they freed up time to pursue great things. On this page of the section on Ancient Egyptian Culture Facts you will find a list of interesting facts about ancient Egyptian food. This kid-friendly information includes what types of foods the ancient Egyptians ate, and where and how they obtained their food.

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Interesting Ancient Egyptian Food Facts

Ancient Egyptian Food Types