Ancient Egyptian Clothing Facts

Egyptian Royalty in traditional garb
Egyptian Royalty Wearing Traditional Garb

Introduction - Clothing

For the most part, the clothing and fashion of Ancient Egyptian men, women and children centered around the hot, dry climate. Light colored and light feeling fabrics were a necessity in the desert of Egypt where temperatures often soar over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.7 Celsius). From peasants to royalty, Egyptian clothing did not vary too much from the basic loincloth and dress. What distinguished someone who was of a higher social status in Egyptian culture was mainly the quality of the fabric and the decorations. In the interesting facts and information listed below, you will learn what ancient Egyptian people wore, when kids started wearing clothing, how Egyptian linen was produced and why it was so labor intensive.

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Ancient Egyptian Clothing Facts

Ancient Egyptian Clothes-Making Process

Social Distinctions in Ancient Egyptian Clothing