Egypt Pyramid Locations

Pyramids on the Giza Plateau at night
Pyramids on the Giza Plateau

Introduction - Where Egyptian Pyramids are Located

The Great Pyramid at Giza is an amazing structure; it is rightfully one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. You would be hard pressed to find any adult or kid who has not heard of this incredible ancient structure. However; what many people do not know is that there are actually over one hundred ancient pyramids located in Egypt. Most of these pyramids are located near Cairo; Egypt's capital and the largest city found in Africa or the Middle-East. On this page we tell you where some of the more famous pyramids are located along with interesting information about the locations.

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Egypt Pyramid Locations - Giza Plateau

The Giza Plateau is located in Giza; Egypt's third largest city. Giza is approximately 12.43 miles (20 kilometers) southwest of Cairo and lies on the west bank of the Nile River. The Giza Plateau is the home of the Great Pyramid (The Pyramid of Khufu) along with two other pyramids; the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure. Besides the three incredible pyramids, the Giza Plateau is the site of numerous other incredible ancient Egyptian structures including the Great Sphinx.

Egypt Pyramid Locations - Dahshur

Dahshur is located in the desert south of Cairo. This archaeological site is about 24 miles (40 kilometers) from Cairo. This location is a royal necropolis famous for its five ancient Egyptian pyramids listed below.

Egypt Pyramid Locations - Saqqara

The archaeological sites located at Saqqara (also spelled as Saccara and Sakkara), which is approximately 19 miles (30.5 kilometers) south of Cairo, is home to numerous ancient Egyptian pyramids. This region served as the royal burial ground for the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis. There are actually two locations, each with its own necropolis, at Saqqara. The pyramids found at each are listed below.


South Saqqara

Egypt Pyramid Locations - Abusir

The archaeological site at Abusir is located 21 miles (35 kilometers) south of Cairo and 6 miles (10 kilometers) south of Giza. Here you will find a necropolis with structures built mainly during ancient Egypt's 5th Dynasty. Fourteen pyramids once stood at this site but today only a few remain standing; some of them are listed below.

Egypt Pyramid Locations - Abu Rawash

Located 4 miles (8 kilometers) north of Giza this is the site of ancient Egypt's most northern pyramid; the Pyramid of Djedefre who was Khufu's son and successor to the throne of Egypt. This pyramid is in very poor condition.